Why Consider Russian Women?

So what is all that fuss about Russian, Ukrainian, and other FSU women?

After all, many man think western ladies could be just as attractive as FSU women, and they are absolutely correct! Indeed, physical attractiveness is a subjective matter and everyone sees it differently. It all depends on the perspective and preferences of a particular man.

To think that one should consider dating Russian women (please note that on this website for the sake of convenience I am using the term “Russian women” usually referring to all FSU women, including those of Russian, Ukrainian, and other FSU origins) just because of their physical attractiveness is to miss one of the most important points.

Of course there is a fairly large “fan club” of Russian women out there representing western men who value specific looks of these women and certain distinct charm and femininity that almost always come with the looks in one single package.

But if we were to take into consideration just an ordinary single marriage-minded guy – why such a guy would want to explore opportunities that come with dating Russian women?

While most men do not realize this (or rather might have never given it a good thought), couples are being formed out of single men and single women neither randomly, nor due to some stroke of luck, but rather according to the law of supply and demand (surprise surprise!), also known as market forces.

In this free dating/marriage market, each participant, be it a male or female, would be assigned a certain “value”. This “value” would be determined by several factors such as person’s age, physical attractiveness, employment/salary, net worth, and health status among others. Then the market forces would make the matching of a male and a female with approximately the same “values” a very easy process, and would make the matching of a female and a male with different “values” very difficult and often impossible.

Doubtful about this theory? Well, just think about many instances when you, a single guy, were looking at an attractive single woman, thinking to yourself: “…she’s too hot for me…unfortunately I’ve got no chance with her”. That is just one example of how the dating/marriage market works. Through your own previous experience, you do know (although unconsciously) your own approximate dating/marriage market “value”. You also unconsciously know the corresponding female “value” that would be appropriate, workable, and compatible with your own. Could you attempt for a female with a “value” that is higher than yours? Of course you could! However through your own experience you would know that it would be very difficult and often impossible to establish a long-term relationship with a single female whose marriage-market “value” is significantly higher than yours. The “values” assigned by this dating/marriage market to each participant including yourself are objective reality you could try to fight, but unfortunately rarely could defeat.

No matter how fascinating (or boring, depending on one’s perspective) all of these things could be, enough with science and human psychology. What are the practical implications of this natural dating/marriage market for our purpose?

The key point here is that when you expand the dating/marriage market that you are willing to consider from the narrower domestic one to the larger international one, you would start discovering some very interesting results. In the Russian/Ukrainian/FSU marriage market western man’s own market “value” would increase, while the “values” of women he might be interested in would decline. Therefore, all of a sudden, you might be able to start “bidding” for women with features (or “value”) that previously were out of reach.

For example, lets consider an example of a 40 year-old average single western guy with average looks and average income. Let’s say that in his own western domestic marriage market the “value” assigned to him would allow him to successfully “bid” for single western women that are between 40 and 45 years old, and whose physical attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 5 is rated at 3. Now let’s move this very guy to a different marriage market – the Russian or Ukrainian marriage market. All of a sudden this very guy would realize that he can do so much better – now, in this new market, he would be able to make successful bids for women with higher “values”. In this example, this man would now be able to start making successful bids for women in the lower age group (say 31-39 year old instead of 40-45 year old), and with more attractive physical features, or looks (women’ physical attractiveness will now be rated at 4 or perhaps even 4.5 instead of 3).

Therefore, here lies the main opportunity and attractiveness of the FSU marriage market for a single marriage-minded western man. He could do better in the FSU market, and indeed he will do better, and will achieve more. A younger woman with more attractive physical features that previously was out of reach – now that woman becomes real and within reach. He would still have to compete for her and overcome certain barriers – but that woman of his dreams is now indeed within his reach.

The above was the discussion about how the natural matching process works with regard to physical features only. However, as every wise man knows, attractive looks and younger age of a chosen woman is just a half of the battle won. What about the inner qualities of your future female matches? What is the current outlook of Russian women with regard to life in general and marriage in particular?

Although Russian women are being often perceived as being more traditional, less materialistic, more family-oriented, and more supportive of their husbands through difficult times, things are no longer that simple. As capitalism continues its triumphal march across the countries of the FSU, its population’s outlook on life is beginning to change. That, of course, also includes single women. Thanks to the introduction of western popular culture such as movies and TV shows, the perception of gender roles, and the model of the relationship between men and women is slowly beginning to change. These changes in the general outlook of some of the Russian women represent one the most dangerous pitfalls one should be aware of.

Could some Russian women be as materialistic, career-driven, and selfish, just like some of their western counterparts? Yes, they could, but luckily, currently such women still represent a significant minority in the countries of the FSU. I would estimate this minority group at approximately 20-25% of all single women.

Therefore, as mentioned earlier, once you have entered the FSU marriage market, you will be able to make successful bids for women that are younger and more physically attractive than those at home. But now there is that risk of connecting with the wrong type that we want to avoid – and the odds of that approximately would be 3:1, or 25% probability.

Can a wise man afford to take chances and risk the quality and stability of his future marriage with the odds of being stuck with the wrong type being 25%? This is still not such a bad chance. These odds by the way would be worse on the western marriage market. But instead of simply accepting that risk, a wise man would try to minimize it as much as possible, and therefore create preconditions for a happy, long-term, and steady marriage.

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“Ищу мужа” (“Searching for a husband”). Of course not all Russian women go to the same extent in their search for a husband – but some do!

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