Plan of Action and Timeline

Timeline (approx.): Plan of action: Tasks to be completed and goals to be achieved:
Week 1 Needs assessment; joint work on an overall strategy. Clarifying client’s goals and expectations; jointly developing strategy and approach that would provide for optimal results.
Weeks 2-8 Search for FSU women according to client’s parameters; Russian Wife Finder conducts introductions; Russian Wife Finder conducts phone interviews of women. By the end of week 8 we should have identified and selected three to five single marriage-minded FSU women who match client’s parameters, are genuinely interested in meeting with the client, and have been successfully interviewed. Client begins communicating with selected women; Russian Wife Finder assists with translations if required.
Weeks 9-10 Preparation for the FSU trip. Joint work on trip planning and logistics; preparation for the face-to-face meetings with selected women. Client also applies for travel visas (if required). Second phone interview of selected women to confirm their interest and availability during the time of client’s visit.
Weeks 11-12 Client’s FSU trip takes place. Russian Wife Finder is in a stand-by mode, communicating with client in order to support client’s trip and help in solving any unexpected problems or challenges.
Week 13 Assessment of the results of client’s trip. At this point client should have decided which particular woman becomes his eventual choice; if unsure, we shall jointly work on determining the optimal choice. If required, Russian Wife Finder conducts additional phone interviews.
Week 14 Jointly developing strategy for the next stage, as well as making sure that client’s interests are protected. Among issues to be discussed are the following: bride’s background check; bride’s health check; security of client’s financial assets; bride’s future visit to client’s country.
The next 365 days (one additional full year) Russian Wife Finder provides support and informal counseling services to either partner, if and when requested, for an additional one full year. Bridging of the cultural differences between two partners; help in woman’s adaptation to the new country; help in sustaining the relationship during the relationship’s pivotal first year by offering support and informal counseling services to either or both partners, if and when needed.

Please note: the above timeline is an estimate. Actual time periods can vary and can not be guaranteed.

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