12 Things to Remember

Things to Remember for Now (or Dating Russian Women 101)


  1. One can not “order” or “buy” a Russian or Ukrainian bride. FSU women are not a commodity, and therefore can not be “bought” or “ordered”. Instead, any male/female relationship must be based on mutual attraction, and mutual romantic feelings. Courtship and romance are main keywords here. If you doubt the above statements, both your expectations and your actions would be based on faulty assumptions, and you will achieve nothing.

2. A matchmaker can not make a woman fall in love with a client. This is because a matchmaker is no different from a headhunter in business. The headhunter can get you the interview, but he can not get you the job. Likewise, what a matchmaker does is provide clients with qualified female candidates. Qualified here means a single marriage-minded woman who was selected according to the parameters set by the client, and who is interested in getting to know that client.

3. In order to be successful in the FSU dating/marriage market, one would have to be prepared to compete with other males. Although the FSU marriage market is not as competitive as the western one, with each passing year it does become more and more competitive. Be prepared to compete, and be prepared to present yourself properly, both when communicating with her long-distance, and when meeting her in-person.

4. One of the biggest reason many Russian and Ukrainian ladies are disillusioned with their local men is their often irresponsible and insensitive attitude towards women and family life. Even when married, a typical FSU guy could frequently be partying with friends away from home, and/or chasing other women. Therefore, having strong family values, and respecting your chosen woman would place you ahead of many.

5. What Russian and Ukrainian women truly seek most of all is the following: a loving, dedicated, and sober husband and a stable, prosperous, and happy family. Contrary to what you might have heard, moving to another country is not considered by the majority of FSU marriage-minded women to be very desirable (although very often it was the case in the 1990s), and some do so only because the only other option would be to lose the connection with the loved one.

6. Please, do have reasonable expectations. Do not expect her to be 25 years younger and truly fall in love with you. It rarely happens. Do not expect your future relationship and/or your future wife to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect relationship, or the perfect woman (or the perfect man for that matter). Perfection is illusory. Instead, focus on finding compromises and bridging the differences. Remember: “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

7. Do not worry too much about the language barrier. While it may present a challenge during the early stages of the relationship, she will learn the language fast enough.

8. Avoid women with glamorous appearance, as well as those who look like models, or introduce themselves as such. Shallow personalities tend to mask themselves with glamorous appearance. Instead, focus on her character traits, mutual attraction in general and her feelings towards you in particular, and compatibility and chemistry.

9. An average FSU woman would likely be well-educated and fairly sophisticated. That is especially true for inhabitants of larger cities. Quite often she would be holding a good job, although her income would always be low when compared to incomes for similar jobs in western countries.

10. Be prepared that you will be rejected by some women. In that respect the FSU dating/marriage market is the same as any other such market. Take refusal in grace. Remember, one of your main objectives is to find a woman that will fall in love with you. If she has not done so, everything else is meaningless. Therefore, forget her as soon as possible, and move on. As the saying goes, “there is a lid for every pot”. Whether with Russian Wife Finder, or without – make sure you find the “lid” that fits your “pot” as close as possible.

11. It is actually quite difficult to judge woman’s attraction, and compatibility and chemistry between two of you when communicating long-distance. She who was Number 5 on your list prior to your actual meeting with her, might well become Number 1 after such a meeting.

12. If unable to evaluate your female match after meeting her face-to-face the first time around, make sure to meet her at least once more. Most likely she would be quite nervous on the first date. The second meeting will help you to make up your mind with regard to that particular woman, as she would be more relaxed and open to your all-important probing questions.

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