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What clients should expect from a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman.


International relationships can be difficult to establish. One has to deal with huge distances, different cultures, language barriers (although only initially), and considerable up-front expenses. Is it really worth it? Read this important review and decide for yourself.

What exactly should an informed man expect from a long-term relationship with a Russian woman? Conversely, what would be typical expectations of a Russian woman who considers international marriage? Let’s start from the latter.

The basic set of things a typical Russian woman would expect from a nearly ideal long-term relationship or marriage, be it domestic or international, would be:

  1. Partner or husband that is supportive, understanding, and loving. Very importantly, that would apply not only to her, but also to any existing or future children.
  2. Partner or husband that is sober (social drinking typically would be OK), and without any addiction issues or problems. Any illegal drug use/misuse most likely would not be tolerated at all. Same applies to gambling.
  3. Partner or husband that can, and will provide for the family. This does not mean that the partner or husband should be the sole provider – it only means that he should be willing and able to contribute his fare share.
  4. Partner or husband that “knows how to treat a lady”. In other words, do not be afraid to express your feelings toward her. Remember — it’s the small, subtle details that matter the most: an occasional bouquet of flowers, a handwritten note saying that you have been missing her, maybe an occasional small (and not necessarily expensive) gift, anniversary greeting cards of course, and comments on her beauty, her looks, and your feelings towards her.
  5. In addition to the above typical expectations of any relationship (be it local or international), and now with regard to a strictly international relationship (which, as a rule, will result in her relocation to a foreign country), a Russian or Ukrainian woman in addition would typically expect that her standard of living would be at least slightly improved. As an example, most people in FSU live in apartment buildings. If you are a homeowner, she definitely will be very impressed and happy, as that would be considered a huge improvement in her living standard. But even if you are currently renting or living in an apartment – if you could tell her that you do have a realistic plan of moving into a house in a few years’ time – she also would be happy and impressed. Same idea with an occasional vacation or a basic vehicle that gets you from point A to point B. As a rule, the western middle-class living standard (let’s say an inexpensive house, a basic vehicle, and an occasional away-from-home vacation) would be considered almost luxury by most FSU women.

The above five items describe what a typical Russian woman would expect from a healthy and nearly perfect long-term relationship. Now let me try to explain why this is so.

Well, at home – in her own country — she could easily find a male partner, or marry a guy, who often would not be very respectful towards her, who would not be emotionally supportive, who would be unemployed or underemployed, who at times would be unfaithful, and who would have an alcohol or drug addiction problem. Let me emphasize this, and assure you of this– there is absolutely no shortage of these types in her own country.

If she is unable to find the sought-after qualities (as stated in items 1-4 above) among domestic, local males – then she might consider an international relationship. However she does realize that moving to a different country might not be so easy or desirable for her. Being so far away from her friends and family is one of the main reasons, in addition to the necessity of adapting to a totally new country and a different way of life. Being an immigrant is not easy or fun – just ask any immigrant! And therefore here comes item number 5. She would typically expect that her own standard of living would at least slightly improve, as compensation for all of the inconveniences of leaving her homeland and losing her day-to-day connection with family and friends. In my opinion – knowing first-hand what immigrant’s life is like – that would be quite a reasonable expectation.

Now, let’s move on to the opposite part of “the deal”, or the other side of the same coin if you wish.

What should an informed man expect from a long-term relationship with a Russian woman?

Typically, such an FSU woman, as a wife or a long-term relationship partner, would be:

  1. Loyal and emotionally supportive;
  2. Would be supportive even during the most trying times, such as, for example, an unexpected loss of a job by the husband;
  3. Would treat her husband respectfully and equally;
  4. Would make the family her first, and most important priority in her life; she will place it well above anything else, including her career or her friends. Simply put, husband and family come first, and would be priority number one. In fact, as a rule, she would view her own interests and preferences as being only secondary to these of her husband and her family as a whole.
  5. Typically, she would be a good cook, and kitchen would be her domain and pride, as long as her husband can help taking care of minor kitchen-related things like occasionally wash the dishes, etc. On the other hand, typically, husband is expected to take care of the vehicle and the house, but she will be willing to help — that is, if she can be of help at all at that particular task.
  6. As a rule, she would not be a simple-minded peasant girl, but rather a well-read lady with considerable level of education, the one who will be able to uphold a meaningful conversation with almost anyone on most topics, and also occasionally challenge you on an intellectual level – although in a friendly, non-confrontational way of course.
  7. She would be feminine in both her appearance and especially in her behavior, and would remain so for many years to come. Some western men, having experienced FSU femininity, have described it as, for example, “fresh breeze” or “a new, beautiful universe I have just discovered”. Indeed, this single quality along is one of the biggest attractive features – and at the same time one of the basic characteristics – of Russian and Ukrainian women. In other words, she will not try to compete with her man – she knows that in her household, the man should be allowed to be a man, and the woman should remain a woman. In her view, a man and a woman should not compete against each other – instead, they should complement each other. And each time you would make her feel like a woman – she only would be grateful for that.

Please be aware that while the above traits would be typical, rather common characteristics of Russian, Ukrainian, and most other FSU women, unfortunately not all of them would be exactly like that. As we know, there is a rule, and then there are exceptions to that rule. This is where I work jointly with any given client, our common goal being to screen out these women who do not closely match the traditional Russian female description given above. During my two obligatory phone interviews with any prospective female match, I will be asking her multiple questions, some of which will be probing certain important issues and seeking qualities described above. Many of these female matches will pass my test; some will not.

Then, once a client meets with his female match face-to-face, it will be his turn to do some due diligence. My advise to any given client in this respect would be as follows. Make a detailed list of the most important qualities you seek, and then prepare and memorize corresponding questions. Ask each lady you meet these very important questions, but make sure that you do not make it obvious to her that these are the questions that have such profound importance to you. Ask these questions in as much casual way as possible, randomly, and preferably at different times during your conversation with her. After your initial meeting with her, write her answers right away, while they are still fresh in your memory. Repeat that process with each woman you will be meeting with. Compare your notes afterwards. These notes will help you to decide who to screen out, and who to have a second meeting with.

Of course there are other strategies that will be advised to and discussed in detail with clients prior to their meeting with Russian women matches, as well as during the initial long-distance communication stage of clients with their matches. These strategies have been developed by Russian Wife Finder and will help clients to make a sound judgment about any given female match, therefore helping clients separate the best from the rest.

Last, but not least – your Russian or Ukrainian lady will be, as a rule, both younger and better looking when compared to your typical local woman date (or a female match) from your own country. Why is that so? Click here to learn about marriage markets, and how they work in different countries.

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