Russian Women vs Ukrainian Women

Although FSU consists of 15 different countries, the two biggest marriage markets undeniably are located in Russia and Ukraine. After all, these two countries are the biggest ones with regard to their population (Russia’s population is 145 million, and Ukraine’s 45 million). Moreover, Russian women and Ukrainian women have always been the top two choices for men interested in Slavic ladies.

It would make sense therefore to compare Russian and Ukrainian women. Although quite similar, they slightly differ in a number of ways. I must say I am somewhat qualified to attempt such a comparison: not only did I live in each of the two countries for a number of years, but also in the past I have dated women in both Russia and Ukraine, and therefore can form a fairly informed opinion based on my own experiences and observations.

The practical aspect of such a comparison for someone interested in dating and eventually marrying a Slavic lady is an obvious one: at the outset, one has to decide which particular country out of the two to focus on (and eventually travel to) when beginning the search for female matches. Rarely a man can manage (think of time, effort, and money) to visit both countries during the same trip.

Both Russians and Ukrainians belong to the Eastern Slavic people, and both nations have closely related languages and similar traditions and mentality. In addition, there is a very large Ukrainian community in Russia (many millions), and likewise, there is a very large Russian community in Ukraine (also many millions). Moreover, a great number of women in both Russia and Ukraine would have originated from an ethnically mixed family, where one of the parents would be of Ukrainian ancestry, and the other one – of Russian ancestry. All of this makes the task of comparing women from Russia with women from Ukraine a fairly difficult – although not impossible – task.

I think that one of the most important keys to understanding the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women lies in geography.

If we would look at the map, we would see that Russia, although a huge country, for the most part is a northern country. The bulk of the Russian population lives at the latitudes of countries such as Ireland, northern Germany, Denmark, Scotland, and Sweden. With regard to ethnicity, over the centuries, the Eastern Slavic people of Russia have been influenced through intermarriage with Scandinavians and the Balts in the north-western part, and with Asians in Siberia. In addition, Russian Federation actually is a melting pot of of more than 150 different nationalities all of which live in that huge country.

On the other hand, Ukraine is located much more to the south – approximately at the same latitudes as France, Switzerland, and Austria. In addition, Ukrainians has been influenced over the centuries ethnically through intermarriage by Romanians, Hungarians, Slovaks, and also Turks to a lesser degree.

Accordingly, it would be helpful to think of Russian women as more of a northern variety, and women of Ukraine as more of a southern type, with many corresponding personality traits and characteristics.

For example, think for a moment and compare Danish or German women with Italian or French women. Although all of them are from Western Europe, most of us would recognize both the geographical difference (in a comparison between these two groups, Danish/German would be viewed as more northern, and French/Italian would be considered more southern), as well as the consequent difference in personality traits, mentality, and temperament. It would be fair to apply the same logic and assumptions when comparing Russian and Ukrainian women. The table below illustrates the main differences:


Russian women

Ukrainian women

Looks and other physical characteristics

Natural hair color:

Varies, but generally lighter.

Varies, but generally darker.


Eye color:

Varies, but generally lighter (quite often blue or grey).

Varies, but generally darker (quite often hazel or light brown).


Face shape:

Varies, but could be slightly more rounded.

Varies, but could be slightly more elongated.


Skin color:

Varies, but could be slightly lighter.

Varies, but could be slightly darker.

Psychological traits


Varies, but could be more reserved, calmer, and composed.

Could be slightly more introverted.

Varies, but could be more emotional and spontaneous.

Could be slightly more extroverted.


Speech pattern:

Varies, but in general talk slightly less, and softer.

Varies, but in general can talk more, louder, and faster.



Typically less.

Typically more.

Other information

Entry visa required?

In most cases entry visa is required to visit Russia. Because of this, Russia is less visited by foreign bride-seekers. As a result, Russia offers a slightly better choice of women seeking marriage.

In most cases entry visa is not required to visit Ukraine. Because of this, Ukraine is more frequently visited by foreign bride-seekers. As a result, the pool of available women can be slightly depleted in some locations.


Approximate population size:

Russia: 145 million.

Ukraine: 45 million.


Standard of living:

Higher (higher wages).

As of 2015, the average per capita monthly income in Russia was around $600.

Lower (lower wages).

As of 2015, the average per capita monthly income in Ukraine was around $300.

Please keep in mind that in the above table I only tried to describe Russian or Ukrainian women’ typical looks and personality traits. This does not mean that, for example, you will not meet any natural blondes in Ukraine, or natural brunettes in Russia – quite on the contrary! In fact, generalizations such as the ones above are the only way to attempt any comparisons on such a topic.

To sum it up, although looks and traits can vary, the most important thing to keep in mind when comparing the two is to remember that Russians belong to the Northern East Slavic people, and Ukrainians – to the Southern East Slavic people. Hence a slight difference in typical looks, traits, and temperament, as described in the table above.

Russian vs Ukrainian women

This photo illustrates the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women’s looks. However, in great many other instances, such a difference might not be that obvious.

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