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Russian women for marriage: myth or reality?


Russian women seeking marriage have been all over the Internet during the last twenty or so years. Ever since the breakdown of the Soviet Union, hundreds of websites have been advertising profiles of Russian and Ukrainian brides. True enough, many of these ladies indeed look very impressive, if not to say stunning. Could it be that all these countless gorgeous women are real single ladies truly looking for marriage?

As many readers with previous experience in FSU online dating would sadly have to agree with, not everything is so straightforward and clear-cut with this seemingly bright and exciting picture. Indeed, a large number of Russian women for marriage are available. This is partially a cultural phenomenon, as a family is considered to be “destiny” for most Russian and other FSU women. Therefore, availability is not the question – single marriage-minded FSU ladies indeed are available. Instead, the real question here is: how does one seek (and find) Russian women for marriage?

Let’s step back for now and consider some of the dating/”Russian brides” websites that I mentioned above. Here is a cautionary true tale (or rather two true tales with a connection between them) that I would like to share with my readers.

As someone who works in the dating/relationship field, from time to time I have to visit various international dating sites. Once I came across a rather respectable-looking dating website with numerous Russian bride photos on its home page. Most ladies on that website were quite attractive; all of them were advertised as Russian women for marriage. Among them, however, there was one lady that was simply stunning. She was truly perfect in each and every aspect: face, body, age, her dating profile. She was university-educated, had no children, was involved in sports, and was ready to accept a relationship with a foreign man who would be up to 15 years older than her.

Each woman on that website had the following two features under her photo: an indicator of whether she was “online” or “offline” at any given time; and the “chat” function. Both of these features were “on” for that particular lady profile. In other words, the stunning lady that so impressed me was both “online” and available for “chat”. As a matter of fact, after a little investigation, to my surprise I found that most of the ladies featured on that website were also “online” and available for “chat”.

Let’s think about this for a moment. It would be reasonable to assume that our typical single FSU woman should be at work or otherwise at a college or university at that particular time of the day. Instead, for some strange reason, she is sitting in front of computer, eagerly waiting for a chance to communicate with complete strangers. I wasn’t very impressed with that kind of logic, and decided to investigate further. Over the course of the next year (approximately 12 months), I randomly visited that website advertising Russian women for marriage several times. Here is what I found out.

Exactly as I expected, most women, including the stunning lady, had almost always been shown as being both “online” and available for “chat”. Furthermore — all the best, most attractive ladies (including that absolutely stunning gorgeous woman who you would think would be gone in a heartbeat) have remained on that website, and their status was shown as being “available”! In other words, despite being advertised on that website non-stop for 12 straight months, despite being “online” and available for “chat” round-the-clock for nearly 365 straight days, and most importantly despite stunning looks of most of these women– they have remained unengaged and available!

This situation becomes less of a mystery when we consider another story. Some time later, and completely by accident, I came across a curious advertisement on one FSU job finding site. In that advertisement, the employer (some anonymous FSU international marriage agency) posted multiple full time employment positions available to women. The job ad was somewhat vaguely worded, so I had to re-read it a coupe of times before fully understanding its meaning and implications. When I finally did, I sat back in my chair, staring at the computer screen in amazement and disbelief. Then I printed the ad. Here it is:

Russian women for marriage

Here are the translated details of this advertisement’s most important sections:

  1. Project description: Marriage agency invites women for employment.

  2. Nature of work: remote work (or work from home).

  3. Age of candidates: women aged 18 to 50.

  4. Your looks do not have to be that of a model.

  5. Flexible hours of work.

  6. Excellent opportunity to improve your English.

  7. Duties include online communication with foreigners.

  8. High income. Bonuses and gifts!

  9. Requirements: to create a profile; to submit photos.

  10. Agency will conduct photo session.

Let’s analyze this job advertisement. First of all, it seems quite strange that the agency actually hires its female matches. Yes, an agency should advertise for female members (although through different channels of course) — but never offer them employment, or hire them! However the main point is not even that. Nowhere in the advertisement is it stated that the female matches should be single and unattached! Therefore, a married woman could apply for a job, get hired by that (or a similar) international marriage agency, go through a photo session, and start “communicating with foreigners”!

Now we can start connecting the dots, and see the link between the first story and the second one. Why are the women from the above-mentioned website “online” most of the time? Why would they be “available for chat” most of the time? Why, despite their impressive looks, they would still be advertised on that Russian women for marriage website for many months and sometimes years, instead of being already engaged or married? The answer is simple: because they work for that agency or website!

Unfortunately what we have just discovered is most likely just the tip of the iceberg. Men have long complained about correspondence with some of these so-called Russian brides that leads nowhere, and women’ letters that seem to be uniform and cookie-cut. In most cases, it would be a direct result of scams, one of which is described above. The main concern of such “dating and marriage agencies” is not the quality of the future relationship, but rather the number of women’ email addresses and other contact information they can sell to their visitors or customers.

Sadly, dating agency scams are not only an FSU phenomenon. Even western-based dating agencies have been involved in such abuses. For example, UK’s Daily Mail claims that “creating fake profiles to lure users in is allegedly widespread practice in the [British] online dating industry”, and that “industry watchdog warns of ‘serious problems’ in the industry. Therefore we can assume this is a fairly widespread problem that affects not only the FSU-based dating agencies, but the western-based ones as well.

Of course not all FSU dating/marriage online agencies are bad or dishonest. As a matter of fact, with some of them I even do partner. That being said, reliable dating/marriage agencies probably do not comprise the majority of all such agencies.

Let’s now return to the main question stated at the beginning of this article: are Russian women for marriage a myth? Absolutely not! At any given time, hundreds of thousands of single Russian and Ukrainian women in their prime are seeking genuine long-term relationships leading to marriage. Even then, finding “the right one” will take knowledge, patience, time, and effort. Russian Wife Finder will be happy to assist you and support you in every step of the way. Find out how you can benefit from working with Nick Vasilevich here.

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