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  • World Clock: find out what the current time is in most FSU cities.
  • Trivago is a hotel search website which empowers more than 120 million travelers every month in their search for the ideal hotel. By using Trivago, you can sift through over 900,000 hotel deals, from 250+ booking sites and hotel chains at once. Includes FSU hotels and their ratings.
  • is an online accommodation booking website that deals with more than 900,000 room nights reservations each day. 270,000 hotels worldwide. Includes FSU hotels and their ratings.
  • Flower and gift delivery service to most FSU countries, cities, and towns: please inquire for up-to-date info.
  • A useful article on how to save money when booking a flight. Some tips are actually quite helpful.
  • Thirteen Misconceptions of International Marriages”: reflections after thirteen years of such a marriage.
  • An in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes works of one of the most popular mail-order Russian bride online agencies. This Wikipedia article suggests that buying addresses and credits and chatting online and on the phone with women through such agencies might simply be wasting your time and money. Here is just one quote: “…and thanks to people willing to pay to talk with beautiful young women — who was paid to respond — the trade is doing pretty well“.







I think it is essential to prepare oneself for a trip by watching a few videos of the destination country. That is especially true for a person who has never visited an FSU country before. Of course it is impossible to provide video links to all FSU cities, so I limited myself to the three biggest FSU cities: Moscow (population of 12 million), St. Petersburg (5 million), and Kiev/Kyiv (3.3 million).


Videos: Russia: Moscow:


Videos: Russia: Saint Petersburg:


Videos: Ukraine: Kiev/Kyiv:


Gender relations:


“A Voice for Men”

  • Could it be that the modern western society is negatively affected by sexism and gender inequality? You be the judge. A Voice for Men‘ mission statement includes the following: “…promoting the dissemination of information that will expose misandry and gender-centrism…fostering the equal valuing of men and women socially…and recognizing the institution of marriage and the family unit as the foundation of civilized society.”
  • Also, check out their forum on relationships and dating.
  • The search for gender equality – a video interview with Karen Straughan.
  • A thought-provoking discussion of various gender-related issues by Stefan Molyneux.

“Return of Kings”

  • Return Of Kings is a website for men which argues in favor of traditional gender roles. Authors claim that everyone would win should women become more feminine. Check out some of their articles. While I do not agree with every statement made by the authors, I do agree with some of their opinions. Here is a link to the Top 35 Most Important Articles on Return of Kings.


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