Key Benefits

Key benefits of the Russian Wife Finder service

or 10 reasons why you might want to consider becoming a client of the full-service boutique matchmaking, introduction, and relationship agency owned and operated by Nick Vasilevich:

1. Russian Wife Finder helps you to steer clear of the pool of so-called “Russian mail order brides”, where the risk of either being scammed or meeting a woman with unscrupulous motives is much higher, not to mention the levels of competition for each fairly good-looking woman. Instead, access the bigger pool of Russian women looking for a husband within their own domestic Former Soviet Union (FSU) marriage market (or, in other words, within their own country).

2. Russian Wife Finder provides access to women all across FSU countries, not just Russia. Therefore, if you would like to find and meet a woman from Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, or any other newly independent former Soviet republic – we will jointly work in that direction and toward that goal.

3. Outsource the most difficult part – that is, finding, selecting, and initiating contact with Russian/Ukrainian/FSU women. Save yourself frustration and countless hours spent in front of computer buying Russian or Ukrainian brides’ addresses, sending emails and letters, and getting nowhere in the end.

4. Highlight and separate yourself from the scores of other men looking for women – get proper representation. Russian Wife Finder will present you to the lady of your choice in the most effective manner. When women see that you are being represented by an agency, it tells them that, first of all, you are quite serious in your intentions, and secondly, that you can afford hiring a personal matchmaker, which is a definite sign of your financial stability. Having a personal representative will also help you to successfully deal with some of the most sensitive issues. For example, it will spare you from going through very awkward moments when you would eventually need to ask the woman of your choice for a proof of her health status, or initiating the discussion of future financial arrangements.

5. Communicate with women with the assistance of a person who is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Agency owner Nick Vasilevich spent one half of his life living in the FSU, and another half in a western country (Canada). Avoid or overcome any misunderstanding with women due to either language nuances/misunderstandings, or cultural differences. Often such misunderstandings could become a deal-breaker during the initial stage of communication with a chosen woman.

6. The agency will introduce you to multiple women according to the parameters that you set, until you have selected several of them (typically three to five), who you think would be of most interest to you, and with whom you would want to meet in person. In order to qualify, all of these women should also express genuine interest in you, and a desire to meet with you. Why meet with several women? Because it is impossible to find out whether there is any chemistry between a man and a woman unless the two meet in person. Quite often a woman that was at number five on your list before you met her in person, will become number one after your meeting with her!

7. All women under consideration will be personally interviewed by Russian Wife Finder at least twice. This is done in order to separate the best from the rest, and conduct proper due diligence in order to screen out women who are not serious about establishing a long-term relationship with a particular client.

8. Russian Wife Finder is a full service matchmaking and relationship agency. What this means is that Nick Vasilevich will be your guide and adviser, offering support throughout most stages of your search for a future soul-mate: from helping clients with their selections and introducing clients to women matches, to providing counseling services (if requested) to either party past your engagement.

9. Nick Vasilevich works with a maximum of two new clients per month. Therefore, as a client of Russian Wife Finder, you will get plenty of personal one-on-one attention and support.

10. Russian Wife Finder does not cut corners. Let me repeat this – I will not cut any corners while working with a client of my agency, and will do the utmost in order to find the most suitable, compatible female matches. If it turns out I am unable to find suitable matches for a particular client, that client will be offered a full refund (visit this page for details on my unconditional 100% refund policy).

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