The Truth About International Marriages

Without a doubt many readers would be interested to find out how international marriages compare with domestic ones in statistical terms. To be more specific, how does the divorce rate of foreign-bride marriages compare to the divorce rate of the domestic marriages?

As I was doing research on this topic, I came across an article that actually analyzed several studies on the subject, and drew conclusions that were very similar to the ones I came up with while doing my own research.

The author of the article is a much better writer than I am; therefore I am including a direct link to the above mentioned review, and suggest that you read that article. Although I do not agree with every statement made by the author (and in particular with his portrayal of a “typical” foreign bride-seeking western male), I must admit that actually it is quite an interesting read.

For these of you who do not have time to read the article in its entire length, here is the summary:

  1. The vast majority of women looking for foreign husbands are genuine in their search.
  2. Many foreign brides are simply conservative, traditional, marriage minded women looking for a husband and a better life.
  3. Statistics indicate that while only 50% of domestic marriages are successful in the long term, the success rate of international marriages is much higher – 80%. In other words, domestic marriages have a 50% chance of ending in divorce, while international marriages – only 20%.
  4. The above statistical data is based on several independent scientific studies.

The bottom line therefore is this: entering into an international marriage is a sound strategy to start a relationship.

According to research conducted by Dr. Robert J. Scholes, the evidence shows that thousands of international marriages commenced every year in the United States are at least as happy and successful as any other marriages.

In particular, his study found that “marriages arranged through international marriage agencies would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole”.  (source:

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