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There are dozens of Russian and Ukrainian dating and marriage websites out there. Too often their operating models are outdated, and methods unreliable. Having been part of the international dating industry for a number of years, I have founded my own matchmaking and relationship agency that uses a principally different approach, providing clients with better results and outcomes.

Hello and welcome to Nick Vasilevich’s Russian Wife Finder!

Each year, thousands of single marriage-minded foreign men travel to the countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU) to find the woman of their dreams. Why Russian and Ukrainian women are so popular, and what qualities do these men are seeking for? Definitely the distinctly attractive looks of many of these women is one feature these men are drawn to. However looks could be just the beginning. How about finding and meeting a woman that is feminine (and in many cases very feminine); a woman which, instead of competing with her man, strives to complement him; a woman that allows her man to lead while giving him her emotional support and understanding; a woman that, as a rule, values the family much more than her career; and a woman that prefers to notice in her man not imperfections, but rather virtues mostly unnoticed by others?

Do all Russian and Ukrainian women fit the picture described above? Unfortunately not. As many will testify, the road to finding the right woman in the countries of the FSU is not a simple or easy one. Rather, that road could be filled with potholes and pitfalls that should be avoided as much as possible. Given the language and cultural barriers during the initial stage, it would be very easy for a foreign man to make an error of judgment while trying to evaluate any particular FSU woman. As so often in life, if one does not know exactly what he is doing, he is almost bound to make some mistakes.

That’s where Russian Wife Finder comes into play. My mission is to help clients find, meet, and engage single Russian and Ukrainian women with traditional values who are sincere, family-oriented, and marriage-minded. Once the relationship has been established, I help sustaining that relationship during the most important initial one-year period.

The principal difference that sets my service apart from numerous “Russian and Ukrainian brides” dating websites is that while these sites offer their clients access to a pool of so-called international brides (that is, Russian, Ukrainian, and other FSU women who are in search of a husband from a foreign country), Russian Wife Finder offers a very different approach, where clients would have an opportunity to connect with a larger pool of women seeking a husband on the domestic FSU marriage market.

Another fundamental difference is that once you have become a client of Russian Wife Finder, we will work as a team, and expert advice and one-on-one support will be available to you at every step of the way.

My strategy is to keep my clients away from the pool of so-called “Russian and Ukrainian brides” (also known as international brides, or women who seek to marry a man from another country). Moreover, I feel that the farther we keep from them, the better the outcome would be in the long run. Based on my experience in the relationship/dating industry, a typical FSU-based online introduction agency (the one that typically sells women’ contact information) would have one quarter of these international “bride” profiles to be either pure fiction or some sort of a scam scheme, the second quarter would be outdated profiles of women who are no longer available, the third quarter would be women profiles of gold-diggers and passport-hunters, and only the final 25% would be profiles of real single marriage-minded women that represent value.

You would probably agree that the one-in-four chance is too low of a probability to consider this option. In addition, competition for the remaining real quarter of “Russian brides” is intense. As a rule, more-or-less attractive women are constantly being bombarded with numerous international inquires on a daily basis. As a result, they may become spoiled with attention, unfocused, choosy, and unreasonable in their expectations. Therefore I advise all my clients to stay away from the “Russian brides” pool of women altogether. Instead, my agency offers clients the option of connecting with a larger pool of single marriage-minded FSU women who seek a husband on the domestic (that is, FSU) marriage market. Many additional benefits of this approach are described here.

If your goal is to find and engage a single Russian, Ukrainian, or other FSU woman who is family-oriented and marriage-minded, I invite you to spend the next few minutes here on this website making yourself familiar with my alternative approach, and the services being offered.

You might still want to try the mainstream approach of finding an FSU woman through one of the numerous “Russian and Ukrainian brides” sites first, if you have not done so yet. After all, it would be much less expensive as opposed to working one-on-one with a personal matchmaker and relationship adviser. Some men indeed have been successful in finding the woman of their dreams through these websites. However, if that approach would not work for you for whatever reason, do not hesitate to return to this website, get in touch with me, and see if this time around you could do better with the help of Russian Wife Finder.

If on the other hand you would like to give my agency a try, and you fit the client criteria, I would welcome your inquiry. Please note that I do not ask for an upfront payment – instead we will initially exchange emails and I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. If I feel that I will be unable to be of help to any particular client for whatever reason, I will let him know so right at the outset. Please also keep in mind that once the payment has been made, you have a 30-day unconditional refund policy to protect you should you not be 100% satisfied with services offered.

In either case, I hope to talk to you, sooner or later. Have a good day!

Nick Vasilevich
Personal matchmaker and relationship adviser
Russian Wife Finder
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